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There are a number of ways to contact us — simply call us at (425) 200-5890 , or email us at hello@ortmdsurgery.com , or fill out our contact form. Emails are responded to in a timely fashion, usually within a few hours. Our friendly staff strives to make your experience convenient and pleasant and will help you get scheduled quickly.

Your consultation with Dr. Ort is private, where you can comfortably share your goals in a relaxed environment. Dr. Ort will listen to what you want and incorporate her surgical expertise to develop a surgical plan together. Proposal of a treatment plan is then provided. The process takes about 45 minutes. An in-person consultation is necessary to properly diagnose your cosmetic condition and make a treatment plan. However, a virtual consultation can be provided under special circumstances and for out of town patients. While Dr. Ort can usually ascertain your goals via a screen, the plans are tentative until she sees you in person and may change.

Dr. Ort will dedicate ample time for each of her patients, providing a thorough examination and discussion about the expectations, risks, alternatives, and recovery for each of your treatment options. Her goal is to explore your options as best as possible, so you can make a truly informed decision about your cosmetic surgery procedure.

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Is there Consultation Fee?

There is a consultation fee with Dr. Ort, which may be applied toward your surgery or procedure when you decide to move forward with your treatment. During your visit with Dr. Ort, you will have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered, and if you wish to return for a secondary consultation, the subsequent visits are complementary. You will leave feeling better prepared for your surgery.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Once your surgery is scheduled, the next step is to have a preoperative visit with us to get everything lined up so that your surgery can go smoothly. We will need to obtain medical photos, any necessary X-ray imaging, and a medical clearance depending on the type of surgery and your health. This is done about a week or two prior to your scheduled surgery.

All paperwork will be handled during this visit as well, and the written instructions will be provided for you including the dates of your follow up visits. It also gives you a chance to see Dr. Ort again to discuss any details about the procedure and get your questions answered. Dr. Ort puts great emphasis in making sure that you feel prepared and comfortable about your surgery, because on the day of your surgery, we want to focus solely on providing great surgical care for you.

Follow Up Visits after Surgery

All postoperative follow up visits are complementary and are included in your surgical care. They will be scheduled in advance at the time of your preoperative visit. The first follow up is typically one week after your procedure. In certain situations, however, Dr. Ort may want to see you sooner than that for reasons such as to remove a bandage or a suction drain, or to address your wound care more frequently.

Your postoperative care is necessary for our surgeon to see your progress and to help ensure that you are healing appropriately. Close communication and follow up is important to prevent any potential complications, and to help correct them if they occur. At all events, you can be assured that Dr. Ort and her team are within reach, and they will be there to help guide you through each step of your recovery.

Your Journey, Our Priority.

We understand that your journey to beauty is very personal, and the decisions you make and the steps you take should be respected and celebrated. We want to help make it a meaningful, exciting, and empowering journey for you, and want to help you get there safely and comfortably.

Dr. Ort is committed to providing concierge service and personal touch for each of her patients through transparent and open communication. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (425) 200-5890 , or via email at hello@ortmdsurgery.com , because in anything we do, you are our priority.

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