We are a boutique facial plastic surgery practice offering elevated cosmetic surgery experience in Bellevue, Washington.

Led by our accomplished, double board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yirae Ort, we are passionate about creating beautiful changes that can help expand your options for confidence, well-being, and limitless possibilities.

As one of few female plastic surgeons in the Seattle area, Dr. Ort provides each of her patients with personalized care. Above all, she is committed to creating beautiful, natural-looking results while maintaining the highest degree of safety and integrity.

Each procedure performed by Dr. Ort is thoughtfully guided by her surgical expertise and craftsmanship. At Yirae Ort M.D. Facial Aesthetic Surgery, we are here to help you discover your true beauty, offering exceptional results for residents of Bellevue, Seattle, and surrounding Washington areas.

Dr. Yirae Ort

Double board certified.
Fellowship trained.

"I feel incredibly fortunate to share my passion with patients from all different walks of life."

I want to hear your story and help you achieve your goals through evidence-based, modern techniques of facial plastic surgery. I will apply the highest standards to providing care. This is my commitment.

— Yirae Ort, M.D.

Premier Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist

Why I like
dr. ort.

"Dr. Ort is so wonderful! She took the time to explain what results to expect. She was very gentle and careful to study my particular anatomy. I trust her skill and eye, and will go to her when I’m ready for additional facial procedures."
—Amy Patient Reviews 5 Stars

"I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ort. She did my Botox and lip filler and after one week I saw the results I wanted. My husband and friends commented on how great and young I look. I will be going back to Dr. Ort in the future."
—Lila Patient Reviews 5 Stars

"I went to Dr. Ort for a consult, and she was very professional. She really explained things in a way I could understand. I would highly recommend her to friends and family."
—Blake Patient Reviews 5 Stars

"Dr. Ort did a fabulious job on my Botox! My results are absoulutly amazing! I I also had her do a small lip injection and my lips look so youthful! I highly recommend Dr. Ort!"
—Jenny Patient Reviews 5 Stars

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Facial implants
Asian plastic surgery
Facial feminization
Facial Implants

Facial implants

You may find yourself dissatisfied with aspects of your facial features, such as a recessed chin, weak jawline, or sunken cheeks. Dr. Ort can help you to achieve the proportions you are looking for through facial implants designed to augment the chin, jaw, cheeks or forehead. Facial Implants can provide facial contour to achieve your ideal profile.



Facial volume loss, sagging, and wrinkles are common signs of aging. Many different experiences we have throughout our lives - laughing, smiling, being out in the sun, and exploring - can all make for great memories, but these can leave a lasting trace on our skin and face.

Asian Plastic Surgery

Asian plastic

For patients of Asian descent, facial cosmetic surgery procedures are specialized. This is because facial features and the anatomic structure vary from the Caucasian norm. There may also be different aesthetic goals, and it can be especially helpful for patients of Asian heritage to have a surgeon who understands their unique goals.



Sagging and drooping eyelids can contribute to a tired or aged appearance, even if you don’t feel that way. For some patients, this happens over time, as our eyelid muscles and skin start to lose elasticity and tightness.

Facial Feminization


A person’s facial profile and structural framework can help define and enhance one’s overall appearance. Bony structures of the face such as the forehead, cheeks, jaw, and chin are important foundations to building a beautiful face. For some, however, their facial features may not reflect their inner self or aesthetic goals, which can cause significant distress.



Even a small change to the tip of the nose can make drastic changes to the shape. We understand that the appearance of your nose can make a difference in the way that your entire face looks and the impression it can give to others. A beautiful nose comes in various sizes and shapes, and a perfectly defined and well-balanced nose on someone may not suit the face of another.

Liplift & Augmentation

Liplift &

Full, luscious lips are a highly coveted feature that can help to accentuate your overall facial profile and soften your appearance. Today, there are several ways to augment your lips with cosmetic surgery, and the process is often a simple procedure that only requires a few hours of your time.

Expert Facial Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, WA

Your face

When considering plastic surgery for your face, it is important to seek out a surgeon who specializes in the face.

The complexity and delicate nature of facial surgery requires a surgeon to have highly specialized skills. With two doctorate degrees, two board certifications, and fellowship training, Dr. Ort is uniquely qualified in her field and is considered among the best in Bellevue, Seattle area to provide facial cosmetic surgery.

Ort’s skills and hard work are backed by several highly esteemed accolades. She is board-certified in two distinct surgical fields, both in cosmetic surgery and oral & maxillofacial surgery, and holds the highest standards set by the boards in surgical practice, professionalism, and patient care.

Dr. Ort also serves as an affiliate faculty at University of Washington, department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, educating the next generation of surgeons. She is fluent in English as well as Korean and is passionate about serving all local cultures and lifestyles in the surrounding Seattle communities.

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