Chin surgery, also known as Mentoplasty or Genioplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape and reposition the chin to achieve a well-balanced facial profile. The procedure may be performed either to enhance a small chin or to reduce a prominent, large chin. Many of our Bellevue chin surgery patients also wish to remove excess fat from the chin area, known as the double chin, and this can be achieved through submental fat liposuction, which can be performed in conjunction with mentoplasty, or by itself.

Dr. Yirae Ort, a board-certified maxillofacial surgeon and fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon, offers expertly performed chin augmentation or chin reduction surgery in the greater Seattle community. As a premiere Bellevue chin surgery provider, Dr. Ort has successfully treated both men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

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What Can Chin Surgery Achieve?

Chin surgery can make many improvements to the chin and lower face, bringing the chin into balance with the other facial features in order to produce a more harmonious facial appearance. When performed with submental liposuction, tightening of the skin can help reveal a more defined chin and the jawline. Here are a few objectives of Chin Surgery:

  • Chin enhancement or augmentation. The chin bone can be cut and repositioned to increase its size and shape.
  • Reduction of the chin can also be achieved, which involves reshaping and shifting of the bone. For instance a “v-shaped chin” is often performed to give a more feminine appearance, which can be performed alone, or as part of Facial Feminization Surgery.
  • Chin asymmetry can be corrected. The chin symmetry and balance can be achieved at the same time as the chin enhancement or the chin reduction surgery.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Many people find that a very small, receding chin can make the other facial features like the nose or forehead appear too large by comparison. Some people believe that a small chin can give a weak impression and wish to enhance its size and projection.

A permanent way to enhance the chin is to surgically reposition the chin bone forward. This may be particularly helpful if the chin is too short in addition to being small. The chin bone can be shifted forward as well as downward and is secured with small plates and screws. Alternatively, a small facial implant made of silicone can be inserted beneath the chin muscle and skin, without having to have surgery involving the bone. Either way it can greatly improve projection of the chin.

If you are not ready for surgical chin enhancement, you might consider a chin filler that could increase chin projection. Please note that dermal fillers could last 1~2 years, and multiple syringes may be necessary to produce a surgical effect. The benefit of a dermal filler to the chin is that patients can enjoy a temporary effect while gauging whether they would be a good candidate for a chin surgery.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Alternatively, if you feel that you have a “jutting jaw” and your chin protrudes too far out in comparison with your nose, you may opt for a chin reduction, also known as osteotomy reduction surgery. This procedure helps to reshape a prominent chin that might be distracting from an otherwise flattering facial profile. In this procedure, a part of the protruding chin bone is removed or shaved, resulting in a less prominent chin. Incision is placed typically inside the mouth where the lower lip meets the gum.

In a wide lower face that is overall angular in shape, chin surgery alone may not address the issue, as the squareness of your face may be due to thick masseter muscles on the sides of your jaw or a large jaw bone itself, also known as the mandible. Based on your facial structures and cosmetic goals, Dr. Ort may recommend Jaw Reduction surgery, which is a surgical procedure to shave and reshape the jaw bone and muscles to help achieve a softer, slimmer, and more egg-shaped facial profile.

Chin Asymmetry Correction

Chin or jaw asymmetry can develop over time, affected by various factors such as facial trauma, environment, hereditary factors, and habit. For those who are concerned about an asymmetric chin may benefit from chin surgery to restore balance to the lower face shape. This is a surgical procedure that involves shaving and repositioning the chin bone to help permanently achieve better symmetry. Similar to the chin reduction surgery, it involves an incision inside the mouth, and may require use of small plates and screws.

If the lower face asymmetry is attributed to more than just the chin shape, a careful evaluation of the jaw structure by a qualified surgeon is important to determine whether you might be a candidate to have an orthognathic surgery or to have customized facial implants to address the jaw asymmetry. Dr. Yirae Ort, expertly trained and experienced in both the maxillofacial surgery and facial plastic surgery, strives to provide the best chin surgery Bellevue and Seattle areas have to offer.

Preparing for Chin Surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Ort will examine your facial structure, including skin texture and the underlying bone structure. She will inquire about your expectations, as well as your general health and any medical conditions that could interfere with the surgery. Chin surgery normally takes one to two hours, and is often performed as an outpatient procedure. More complex cases may take longer to complete and may require a brief hospital stay.

Your individualized surgical plan will determine the type of anesthesia that will be used and the specific techniques that Dr. Ort will perform, such as shaving and shifting the chin bone or inserting an implant for chin augmentation. She will carefully develop an individualized surgical plan with your goals in mind, including any adjunct procedures that may be recommended to achieve the most optimal results. Some patients opt to combine their chin surgery with another facial procedure to help save money and recovery time.

Chin Surgery Recovery

The type of chin surgery that you undergo will determine the recovery period and post-operative care. For example, a chin augmentation procedure using a silicone implant requires a relatively shorter recovery period than a chin reduction surgery that requires bone reshaping.

Immediately after surgery, your lower face will be bandaged, and the dressings are typically left intact for 48-72 hours. Dr. Ort will prescribe pain medication as needed and the stitches are typically removed in a week. Initial numbness in the lower lip and chin is common and it typically improves over time. Any tightness or stretching in the jaw area will gradually diminish within a few days.

You should plan to avoid heavy exertion for the first few days and stick to a soft, non-chew diet for 2 weeks after surgery to help minimize disturbance in the chin muscle and bone. Most of our Bellevue chin surgery patients are able to return to work about a week after surgery, although it may take several weeks before the swelling goes down.

Consultation for Chin Surgery in Bellevue, WA

If you’re interested in improving your facial appearance by bringing your chin into balanced harmony with your other facial features, consider a mentoplasty procedure, performed by a skilled, specialized facial surgeon, Dr. Yiaer Ort.

Dr. Ort offers highly individualized solutions carefully curated to suit your unique needs. To learn more about Chin Surgery and to get started on your customized procedure, contact our office at 425-243-0989 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Ort in Bellevue, WA.

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