Chubby cheeks can be due to various factors such as genetics, weight gain, and aging as the cheek fat pads sag and become more prominent.

This can lead to a wider, rounder, and less defined middle face, giving the “chipmunk” look that is often less desirable. In many cases, having a chubby face may make you appear overweight even when you are not, detracting from an otherwise fit and slim appearance. Sadly, no matter how much you diet or workout at the gym, those chubby cheeks are not likely to slim down on their own. Buccal fat removal is typically performed to improve the appearance of the cheeks and to produce a more contoured, slimmer facial appearance. In addition, it aims to restore harmony with the other facial features and balance the overall shape of the face.

Dr. Yirae Ort, a Bellevue-based facial plastic surgeon in Washington is at the forefront of facial plastic surgery procedures including buccal fat pad removal. Dr. Ort is trained in modifying the buccal fat space through several major approaches including through the mouth and through the facelift incision, which gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the best hands.


What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat pad removal, also known as cheek fat removal, is known medically as a buccal lipectomy. It refers to a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from the buccal pads in the cheeks to produce a more contoured facial appearance.

The goal of a buccal fat removal procedure is to reduce bulging fatty tissue from the buccal fat pads and achieve more sculpted and youthful cheekbones, imparting a slimmer overall appearance to the face. During a consultation, Dr. Yirae Ort will carefully listen to your plastic surgery goals, evaluate your face and provide thorough information, so that you can make the best-informed decision about buccal fat removal and other available treatment options. Buccal fat pad removal offers various benefits including:

  • Slimmer cheeks
  • Improved facial contours
  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • Enhanced self-confidence

Who is a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat pad extraction surgery is ideal for patients whose faces are excessively round or whose cheeks are excessively plump. The procedure is not recommended for individuals with thin, narrow faces, as removal of the buccal fat may produce a gaunt and bony look as the person grows older. Individuals must be in overall good health in order to undergo the procedure.

Can I Combine Buccal Fat Removal with Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Yes. Many patients want to take advantage of the time they’ve set aside for surgery to improve several aspects of their appearance. In fact, it is very common for our Bellevue buccal fat removal patients to combine the procedure with other facial procedures, such as neck liposuction, chin reduction or augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift, or a brow or forehead lift, in order to achieve a more balanced and fully harmonized relationship between all of the facial features, resulting in a more symmetrical and attractive appearance.

Consultation for Buccal Fat Removal in Bellevue, WA

If this is something you’d like to improve in your facial contour, you are not alone. Many individuals are now undergoing buccal fat removal procedures to contour their cheekbones and achieve a more slim and toned facial appearance. If you want to learn how a buccal fat removal procedure may help you achieve a more contoured face, trust your care to a specialized plastic surgeon with plenty of experience and specialized training in facial procedures. To find out more about the procedure, call us at (425) 200-5890 or fill out a contact us form to arrange a consultation with Yirae Ort, M.D., a top Buccal Fat Removal specialist in Bellevue.

How is Buccal Fat Reduction Performed?

Dr. Ort can perform buccal fat reduction using several different techniques. One of the most common methods is to remove excess buccal fat through a small incision made in the mouth, so there will be no visible scar on the face. This tiny incision inside the mouth is located toward the back of the oral cavity and close to the second upper molar. Another method is to remove it during the facelift procedure, where the buccal fat space is carefully entered from the cheek side after the skin is raised. Buccal fat removal surgery can safely be performed under local anesthesia, which means that you’ll be fully awake, though you will feel no discomfort.

During the procedure, Dr. Ort will remove the buccal fat pad, a naturally-occurring pad of fat in the hollow areas of the cheek, and the procedure is typically performed on both sides of the face. The size of the buccal fat pad naturally varies from patient to patient, and may even vary between one cheek and the other in the same patient. When other cosmetic surgery procedures are combined with your buccal fat removal, IV sedation or general anesthesia can be used.

What to Expect After Buccal Fat Removal

Recovery is very light and quick after the buccal fat removal surgery. If done under local anesthesia, patients can drive themselves home after the procedure.

Swelling for a few days after surgery is normal and expected, but most patients return to work or school in 1 to 2 days. When performed by a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon, the buccal fat removal procedure is safe and produces natural-looking results. Ideally, your surgeon should be a specialist with years of education and training in the field of facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, such as Dr. Yirae Ort.

As a board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr. Ort holds exceptional qualifications and unique surgical expertise, serving the greater Seattle area and Bellevue of Washington. Dr. Ort strives to deliver the best buccal fat removal Bellevue and Seattle have to offer, while also taking great pride in achieving natural, long-lasting results. Her priority is your utmost safety and satisfaction.

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