Many people have parts of their appearance that they are dissatisfied with.

This could be having a recessed chin, weak jawline, sunken cheeks, flat or irregularly shaped forehead, or just an overall disproportionate face. Disproportion to your face can have a negative impact on the appearance of other facial features. For instance, having a small chin can sometimes make your nose appear larger, and having flat cheeks can make the under-eye area appear darker and hollower. To help improve the look of these facial features and to achieve balance with the rest of your face, Dr. Ort offers customized facial implants for your cheeks, chin, jawline (mandible), and forehead.

At her boutique facial plastic surgery office in Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Ort specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures. Facial implants can help you achieve a more significant enhancement of your face that still looks natural and harmonious with the other features on your face. By offering custom-made facial implants to her patients, she can help give them their ideal look.


What Are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are solid materials that are formed to be compatible with facial tissue. They are specifically designed to augment the various structures of the face such as the chin, jaw, cheeks, or forehead, and can help provide you with a more defined facial profile. Unlike using dermal fillers to augment parts of your face, facial implants can provide a permanent benefit, so you don’t have to repeat the injection procedures. Another benefit of facial implants is that they can be removed at any point if one decides to remove them.

Patients interested in receiving an implant must receive a consultation for facial implants Bellevue facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ort will perform the consultation. During this time with Dr. Ort, she will listen to your concerns and cosmetic goals. She will examine your face, tissue, and structure as well as take some photos for comparison. This way she can create a personalized treatment plan for you to give you the results you desire.

Available Facial Implants

Facial implants are used to augment different structures of the face. The most common places for facial implants are the chin, jaw, and cheeks.

Chin implant:

A chin implant increases the projection of your chin, therefore is beneficial if your chin is too small and not proportionate to the forehead and midface. Your surgeon can help you determine the size and placement of your chin implant. If your chin is very short in length in addition to being drawn back, a Chin Bone Surgery to reposition the bone may be indicated. Alternatively, those who want a temporary correction can benefit from Facial Fillers instead.

Jaw (mandibular) implants:

If you have a weak jawline and would like to have a more proportional look then jaw implants can be used to define the jaw angles or to increase the width of the jawline. This is especially beneficial for patients who want to see a more masculine or chiseled jawline. As we age, this part of our face can start to become round and you may lose facial definition. This procedure can help to address this long-term.

Cheek implants:

If your mid-face seems recessed or flat, then cheek implants can increase the projection to provide a more youthful profile, medically known as an “ogee curve”. Dr. Ort will use strategically placed silicone inserts to help lift your cheeks and give the “high-cheekbone” look coveted by many. Cheek volume can also be augmented by Facial Fillers or a Fat Transfer procedure. Each of these procedures has its benefits and indications, so it is important to discuss with our surgeon about all the options.

Forehead implant:

A forehead implant is beneficial for those who are looking for a smoother and more round forehead that is considered more youthful and feminine. As we age, repeated forehead muscle movements cause a furrowed look, and our forehead starts to have an irregular contour, creating recessed areas above the brow bone. A thin silicone implant that is custom-made based on your forehead shape can help alleviate this concern. Fat Transfer (LINK) to the forehead is an alternative option to solid implants.

Can Facial Profiling be Accomplished without Implants?

Your facelift can be performed alone or often together with the neck lift and fat grafting procedures. A facelift alone may be more suitable for patients who desire to address midface sagging, with little jawline or neck concerns.

Facial profiling can be achieved through the use of injectables or fillers, which can add volume and restore contour to your facial profile. These injections work to rebalance the key facial features to improve the balance, symmetry, and harmony for a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

Injectable fillers are able to add projection and volume to your face temporarily, lasting for several months up to 1~2 years. If you are not committed to making a permanent change to the shape and structure of your face, fillers may be a great option for you. Multiple injections may be required to achieve the look you desire.

The key to lasting and effective injections is in choosing a provider with experience and skill, such as Dr. Ort. Keep in mind with injections, one has to continue to receive the treatment on a regular basis, as opposed to facial implants which can maintain their shape and results.

The best way to determine which procedure is the right fit is a consultation with Dr. Ort. She will help you discover the right treatment options for your specific anatomy and what you are looking to accomplish. During your consultation, Dr. Ort will perform a thorough evaluation and answer any question you have about the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals.

How Is Facial Implant Surgery Performed?

Dr. Ort provides various sedation techniques for your absolute comfort during the facial implant procedure. These procedures are typically done under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia; however, a chin implant can be placed under local anesthesia alone and still well-tolerated. Dr. Ort will make a recommendation of the best form for you.

Depending on the part of the face that you want to be augmented, your procedure will vary. In most cases, the facial implants are secured with small, tissue-compatible screws so they do not move around under the tissue. Patients might also opt to combine one or more implants with another procedure, such as a facelift (LINK) to help deliver the most improved facial contour and appearance. 

  • Chin Implant is placed through a small incision in the mouth or just beneath the chin.
  • Jaw Implants are generally placed through an incision in the lower mouth near where the cheek and gums meet. These will be closed with absorbable sutures.
  • Cheek Implants are usually placed through the incisions made in the upper mouth or through the lower eyelid incisions if blepharoplasty is performed at the same time. 
  • Forehead implants are placed through a small horizontal incision made along the middle hairline to help reduce any visibility. 

Combining Facial Implant Surgery with Other Procedures

The basic framework and structure of your face is a major factor in how you are perceived, not to mention how attractive you feel about yourself. Often a person may be concerned with the shape or size of a single feature in the face; however, people do not always realize that only correcting one of these can leave their face with an unbalanced appearance.

It is important to maintain symmetry and balance to achieve facial aesthetic. To accomplish this it may be beneficial to combine surgeries, such as a Rhinoplasty with a chin implant, or a Facelift with cheek, chin or jaw implants, and other combinations thereof. Another major benefit of combining surgeries is reduced downtime and recovery. If you are considering multiple operations, you can save time and cost by consolidating them in one procedure.

Facial remodeling procedures can be combined to improve your profile and enhance your appearance. Discuss with Dr. Ort about your facial plastic surgery goals, who will provide a thorough consultation to evaluate your facial structure, features, and profile, and give her expertise on how to best achieve your beauty goals with facial implants or with other procedures. Schedule your consultation for a facial implant Bellevue facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ort will help you decide.

Recovery from Facial Implant Surgery

Most of our Bellevue facial implant patients will return home after their procedure. It is important to spend time resting while you’re healing.

If the incisions were made inside the mouth, a soft diet and good oral hygiene are recommended during recovery. Dr. Ort will provide a detailed list of instructions to follow for your facial implant recovery. You will notice a change in the face immediately but swelling and bruising may obscure this. Your final results may not be present for a few months, but these results will be long-lasting.

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