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Cosmetic surgery can provide you with remarkable enhancement of your face with natural and lasting results.

Dr. Ort’s unique combination of maxillofacial and cosmetic surgical training offers expertise in the anatomy and aesthetic proportions of the face necessary for the youthful and harmonious rejuvenation of the face. A comprehensive discussion, evaluation, and understanding of the procedure’s goals, limitations, and risks are very important steps in creating the most optimal treatment plan. Get in touch with us today for more information.


Eyelid surgery of the upper and lower eyelids can create a more youthful and refreshed look by removing excess skin and fatty deposits in the immediate eye area. It can also provide functional improvement in the case of drooping upper eyelids causing visual impairment.

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Brow Lift

The brow and forehead lift is performed to address common signs of aging in the upper section of the face to give a noticeably rejuvenated look and to help create a more cheerful appearance for those who have a perpetually sad or grumpy expression.

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Asian Plastic Surgery

For patients of Asian descent, facial cosmetic surgery procedures are specialized. This is because facial features and structure vary slightly due to genetics. There may also be different aesthetic goals, and it can be especially helpful for patients of Asian heritage or descent to have a surgeon who understands their unique needs.

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The size and shape of your nose affect the aesthetic of our entire face. You may be seeking only a small change to the tip of the nose, the correction of a bump, or a drastic alteration. Rhinoplasty is a highly south-after treatment, but it needs to be performed by a skilled, experienced surgeon. Dr. Ort can make sure to give you the desired changes you seek while also keeping the optimal functionality of the nose.

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Many people turn to otoplasty to fix their ears if they feel they protrude too far or do not work with their facial features. Cosmetic surgery can also repair the holes in your earlobes or the upper areas of your ears. Dr. Ort helps her patients achieve an aesthetic appearance of their ears with her otoplasty techniques

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Lip Lift

The appearance of the lips can be improved in various ways. In the case of thin lips, augmentation may be beneficial, either with a temporary filler, fat, or an implant material. In the case of a long upper lip, a lifting procedure can be performed to allow the red part of the lip to show more, giving a youthful appearance.

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