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Sagging lower eyelids and drooping upper eyelids can contribute to a tired or aged appearance, even if that’s not how you feel.

For some, this happens over time, as our eyelid muscles and skin start to lose elasticity and tightness. For other patients, heavy upper eyelids or bulging in the lower eyelids are hereditary. In addition to causing you to appear tired or older than you really are, excess tissue around the eyes may limit your ability to see clearly.

Among those of East Asian descent, upper eyelids often lack a crease, which can create a heavy upper eyelid appearance, leading to a perceived unfriendly or tired look. Dr. Yirae Ort, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery in Seattle, offers patients of all backgrounds cosmetic blepharoplasty in Bellevue, Seattle, and the surrounding cities in Washington.

For patients in Bellevue and Seattle blepharoplasty for both upper and lower eyelids can be an effective facial rejuvenation option to lift and open the eyes for a refreshed, awake, and inviting appearance.

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What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to alter or modify the eyelid area and is one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures. It involves reshaping the skin, muscle, and fat around the eyes to create smoother and more lifted eyelids. The goal of blepharoplasty is to create a more youthful appearance while also cosmetically lifting the sagging skin to improve the visual range.

The Benefits of Getting a Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery:

Your eyes look refreshed and younger.

By lifting the saggy eyelids and removing the bulge underneath the eyes, the eyes can appear more opened and the fine crepey lines can be smoothed.

Once healed, incisions are almost imperceptible.

The upper eyelid incisions are typically hidden in the existing lid crease. The lower eyelid incisions can be made just below the lash line, or are sometimes on the inner side of the lower eyelids, so they are not visible on the outside.

Blepharoplasty is customized for you.

Every eye shape is different and so should be eyelid surgery. A blepharoplasty is intended to cosmetically enhance your unique look. Eyes are often the first feature noticed about a person’s face, and this surgery is uniquely customized for you.

You feel better about your appearance.

When your eyes look better and brighter, you may feel more confident in your everyday life. When you are less stressed about your appearance, you are able to be more comfortable in your day to day activities at work, school, and home.

If you’re interested in getting your eyelids rejuvenated, contact our office to set up a consultation. Dr. Ort offers high-quality eyelid surgery for patients of various ethnicities, ages, and goals.

Upper Blepharoplasty & Lower Blepharoplasty

There are two main areas where a blepharoplasty is performed. They can each be performed in conjunction with one another or only as a single procedure when needed.

Upper blepharoplasty is performed to the upper eyelid and involves removing the extra skin or tissue of the upper lid, which causes a ‘heavy’ type of appearance to the eye.

Lower blepharoplasty targets loose skin, prominent wrinkles, and excess fat of the lower eyelids. Patients who suffer from these issues often appear tired, even when they are not, or older than they really are.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

As we age, the shape of our faces and elasticity of our skin may change. One of the earliest signs in aging patients is sagging eyelids. This can occur on the top or the bottom eyelids and can contribute to a tired, aged look that can be difficult to correct even with cosmetic products. If you are bothered by their aging eyelids and wish to surgically correct them, you may be good candidates for blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is also very popular among patients of East Asian descent. Hooded or heavy-appearing eyelids are a common trait among these patients and can cause distress from an earlier age than their non-East Asian counterparts. For some, it can even cause discomfort and impact their ability to comfortably see, as the upper eyelid lashes can point inward, causing irritation of the eye. Even wearing certain kinds of make-up can be challenging. This ‘double eyelid surgery’ can help East Asian patients achieve a more defined result.

How is Blepharoplasty Performed?

When you come in for your blepharoplasty Bellevue facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yirae Ort will first analyze your eyelids and under-eye exam in order to make a professional recommendation. Blepharoplasty can be performed using local anesthesia and IV sedation for your comfort. It involves making an incision along the natural creases of the upper eyelids, and just beneath the lash line of the lower eyelids.

Dr. Ort offers scarless eyelid surgery to address the bulge under the eyes. Stitches are typically removed 5-7 days after the surgery. Once healed, most patients have no visible scarring, and easily conceal bruising or incisions during their recovery.

For patients undergoing double eyelid surgery, the incision or approach may vary slightly. You’ll be able to discuss any details with Dr. Ort during your consultation for blepharoplasty in Bellevue to ensure that you are fully prepared and understand the blepharoplasty approach.

How Long Does Blepharoplasty Take?

To improve the eyelids or under-eye areas, Dr. Ort will remove fatty tissue or excess skin. This procedure typically takes about an hour. If you choose to combine other procedures such as brow lift or cheek lift to improve the appearance of the eyelid-cheek junction, these additional procedures may add a few more hours. It’s important to remember that the surgical approach will and results will vary for everyone.

Combining Blepharoplasty with Other Cosmetic Procedures

It’s common to combine blepharoplasty with other surgeries such as a forehead or brow lift. A sagging forehead or droopy brows can also contribute to the appearance of advanced aging in the face. In those cases, it may be more beneficial to lift the brows as well as the eyelids in order to achieve a more natural and harmonious rejuvenation of the upper face.

There are many different techniques to lift the brows, and each technique has its indications, depending on your aging process and anatomy. There are benefits of having multiple procedures at one time, including undergoing sedation only once and only needing one recovery period. During your consultation at Ort MD Facial Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, we can recommend your best options for effective upper facial rejuvenation.

Some people may also notice an undesirable groove between their lower eyelids and cheek as they age. Those who are stressed by this appearance of the midface sagging, without jowls, lower face, or neck laxity may benefit from having an isolated cheek lift. This can be performed through the same incision made for the lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

A cheek implant procedure, which can be done alone or be combined with lower eyelid blepharoplasty, is another good option for improving the lower eyelid-cheek area, as well as the curvature of the face. This is especially important for those who have flat or sunken cheeks. The implants are typically placed through an incision made inside the mouth to minimize visible scarring on the face.

Recovery from Blepharoplasty Procedure

After your eyelid surgery, you can expect some swelling and bruise for one to two weeks. If you normally wear contact lenses, we recommend wearing eyeglasses instead during the first week. If stitches are present, they will typically be removed one week after the surgery. You’ll be prescribed medications to take in order to help manage discomfort and swelling, as well as eye drops to keep your eyes from becoming dry or itchy.

It’s important to keep your head elevated during your recovery period and use ice to the area as needed. Your recovery is variable and based on the extent of your procedure. Bellevue blepharoplasty patients who undergo a double eyelid surgery may need a few extra days to recover. In general, most people feel comfortable returning to work and the public within one or two weeks.

Blepharoplasty FAQ

When there is excess skin or tissue of the upper eyelid, it can cause a hooding of the eyelid, causing increased heaviness. As such, having heavier eyelids may prevent you from being able to open your eyes fully, leading to a decreased field of vision. If severe enough, insurance may cover the procedure.

Most people have moderate bruising and/or swelling for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. If possible, it is a good time to be off of work during this time, but for people who are not able to stay home, you can typically return to work after 1 week. The remnant swelling and recovery take about 2-3 months. However, you can return to routine activities within 1 week, and more strenuous activity in approximately 3 weeks post-procedure, depending on your surgery.

As no two faces are alike, a blepharoplasty is customized as well. After an expert consultation with Dr. Ort, she can determine what type of procedure you’ll require to meet your aesthetic needs. Once a plan is created, you’ll receive a customized quote that outlines the procedure, anesthesia, and facility costs. You’ll receive all of this information upfront so that you can make an educated decision if a blepharoplasty is right for you.

While blepharoplasty is a permanent procedure and can take years off the appearance of your face, it is possible that future procedures may be needed as you continue to age. On average, patients who undergo their first blepharoplasty in their early 50s will need to have another one to maintain their appearance in their 70s or 80s. However, with other types of cosmetic treatments or other procedures, this is not always the case and is based on your skin type, lifestyle choices, and heredity.

As with any surgical procedure, scars will be created. However, keeping the plastic surgery aesthetic in mind, the scars are strategically placed to be unnoticed and to heal as inconspicuous as possible.

For upper blepharoplasty, scars are typically hidden in the crease of the eyelid. For a lower blepharoplasty, scars are typically hidden just below the lower eyelashes, sometimes extending to the outer corner of the eye, where there is typically a line in the skin. For a forehead or eyebrow lift, incisions can sometimes be placed in the hairline, where the scars heal without any obvious incision.

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If you are unhappy with the appearance of sagging skin around your eyes or have struggled with the appearance of hooded eyelids since your youth, Dr. Ort offers in-depth cosmetic enhancement options to help you address these aesthetic concerns and to help you make an informed decision about your facial plastic surgery.

Even a small change made with eyelid surgery can bring such a big positive impact on our Bellevue Blepharoplasty patients. To get started on your options with eyelid surgery, contact our office by calling 425-200-5890 or filling out our online form. Dr. Ort can recommend your best option for facial rejuvenation during a private consultation.

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