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Facial Bone Surgery in Bellevue, WA

Cosmetic surgery can provide you with remarkable enhancement of your face with natural and lasting results.

Dr. Ort’s unique combination of maxillofacial and cosmetic surgical training offers expertise in the anatomy and aesthetic proportions of the face necessary for the youthful and harmonious rejuvenation of the face. A comprehensive discussion, evaluation, and understanding of the procedure’s goals, limitations, and risks are very important steps in creating the most optimal treatment plan. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Facial Implants

Many people have parts of their appearance that they are dissatisfied with. This could be having a recessed chin, weak jawline, sunken cheeks, loose skin around the forehead, wrinkles, or just an overall disproportionate face. To help improve the look of these facial features, Dr. Ort offers her patients the option to get facial implants to achieve their ideal look.

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Chin Surgery

Chin Surgery may be performed to either enhance the chin or to reduce its prominence. Many patients also wish to remove excess fat from the chin area, such as jowls or submental fat, known as the double chin. A Chin Surgery can improve your facial appearance by bringing your chin into balanced harmony with your other facial features

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Jawline Surgery

Jawline contouring surgery can offer significant improvements to the shape of your face and restore overall facial balance. Also known as a V-line surgery, jawline surgery is an operation to surgically reshape the jaw bone that can transform the patient’s appearance from the frontal view as well as the side view. For this type of facial plastic surgery, it is important to seek a facial surgeon who is well-versed in facial bony surgeries.

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Facial Feminization

For some, their facial structure may not reflect their aesthetic goals and can cause distress or distract from their desired looks. Facial bone contouring can transform and enhance the appearance of your face, creating more feminine, or masculine features, more defined features, and achieving overall facial balance.

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Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery can be very beneficial in realigning the jaw for both cosmetic and functional improvement. A misaligned jaw can cause many health concerns like dental irregularities, difficulty breathing, and even sleep apnea. Dr. Ort performs corrective jaw surgery to greatly improve the upper and lower jaw, as well as the chin, for a greatly improved quality of life.

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Trauma Reconstruction

Facial trauma can happen quickly and as a result of things like car accidents, sports injuries, or other emergencies. These injuries can often be complex and result in fractures that require expert knowledge of facial and jaw structure. Dr. Ort performs facial trauma surgeries for patients who need correction for both cosmetic and functional concerns.

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