Introduction to Asian Eyelid Surgery

We are beyond thrilled to introduce the transformative journey of Asian Eyelid Surgery— where eyes become more than just windows to the soul; they become captivating narratives of self-expression and confidence.

This procedure in Seattle by Dr. Ort delicately sculpts and defines the eyes, unveiling a refreshed and rejuvenated gaze. It’s not just about enhancing appearance; it’s about celebrating individuality and embracing the beauty within. Step into Ort MD Facial Aesthetic Surgery, where every iris tells a story of empowerment.

What is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Asian Eyelid Surgery in Seattle, also known as a Double Eyelid Surgery, is a cosmetic procedure designed to create or enhance the upper eyelid crease in individuals of Asian culture and descent. This surgery involves creating a natural-looking fold in the upper eyelid to redefine the eye shape, enhance symmetry, and improve overall eye aesthetics.

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What are the benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Double Eyelid Surgery in Seattle offers several benefits for patients seeking this gentle adjustment, including:

  • Enhanced eyelid definition
  • Enhanced upper eyelid folds
  • Improved symmetry
  • Increased confidence
  • Improve drooping of the eyelids

Who are the best candidates for Asian Eyelid Surgery?

The best candidates for Double Eyelid Surgery in Seattle typically include individuals who:

  • Desire eyelid crease definition
  • Seek to improve symmetry
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are in good health
  • Have specific concerns

What’s the first step?

The first step in Asian Eyelid Surgery in Seattle is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ort, who specializes in this procedure. During the consultation, she will evaluate your eyelid anatomy, and discuss your goals. This initial consultation is extremely important for creating a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs, and we can’t wait to hear your story and help you achieve your goals.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

What to expect on the day of Asian Eyelid Surgery

On the day of Asian Eyelid Surgery in Seattle, you can expect a warm hello, and a team of the absolute best in Seattle ready to successfully proceed. Our surgical team, led by Dr. Ort, will review the details of the procedure with you and answer any last-minute questions you may have.

Once in the operating position, our team will administer safe anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable throughout the surgery. The procedure itself typically takes a couple of hours, during which Dr. Ort will meticulously remove excess skin, fat, or tissue from the eyelid area to address any puffiness or drooping. In some cases, she may also tighten the underlying muscles and tissues to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Once the desired adjustments have been made, Dr. Ort will carefully close the incisions with sutures, ensuring minimal scarring and optimal healing.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Our patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort around the eyes, which is completely normal and should subside gradually over the following days to weeks. You may experience blurred vision due to swelling pushing on the muscles around the eye. You may need to take time off work or other activities to allow your body to recover fully. Over time, as swelling resolves and healing progresses, you’ll begin to see the final results of the surgery, with your eyelids appearing more defined and rejuvenated.

How much does Asian Eyelid Surgery cost in Seattle, WA?

The cost of Asian Eyelid Surgery in Bellevue & Seattle, Washinton can vary in the price range. For questions on cost options, we ask you to consult with Dr. Ort, once this consultation is complete, you will obtain an accurate cost estimate tailored to your procedure.

Why choose Dr. Ort?

Finding a surgeon who prioritizes personalized care is crucial, especially when it comes to delicate procedures like facial surgery around the eyes. This is particularly true for patients of Asian descent. Dr. Yirae Ort, a leading expert in Asian Plastic Surgery in Bellevue and Seattle, understands the nuances of Asian facial anatomy and aesthetic preferences. With extensive training and experience, including work in South Korea alongside esteemed plastic and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Ort specializes in procedures tailored to Asian patients, such as double eyelid surgery, forehead augmentation, and ethnic rhinoplasty. Trust Dr. Ort for exceptional results that honor your unique heritage and aesthetic aspirations.

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