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It’s important to find a surgeon who understands that every plastic surgery procedure should be tailored to the needs of the patient in mind, as well as any unique factors that might affect how the surgery is performed. Facial surgery, in particular, is a very delicate procedure and should be approached even more carefully to help ensure optimal results. For patients of Asian descent, facial cosmetic surgery procedures are specialized. This is because facial features and the anatomic structure vary from the Caucasian norm. There may also be different aesthetic goals, and it can be especially helpful for patients of Asian heritage to have a surgeon who understands their unique goals.

Dr. Ort is at the forefront of Asian Plastic Surgery in Bellevue and Seattle areas and has an intimate understanding of Asian faces. Aside from her extensive surgical training, Dr. Yirae Ort gained additional experience in South Korea, where she worked with some of the most accomplished plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons to acquire the skill sets specific to Asian facial plastic surgery, such as forehead augmentation, jawline reduction (V-line surgery), malar reduction, double eyelid surgery, and ethnic rhinoplasty.

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Why Should Asian Plastic Surgery Be Performed Differently?

Some of the common facial concerns like hooded upper eyelids, short nasal bridge, and a wide nasal base can be popular reasons for facial plastic surgery. The standards of beauty in Western countries may be different from what is considered beautiful in other areas of the world.

Even among the people of the same ethnicity and the same regional background, the idea of beauty can vary from person to person. A plastic surgeon who understands the subtleties of ethnic beauty can bring out your best features while preserving the natural traits that still suit you. Finding the right surgeon can help patients feel more comfortable and achieve a more balanced, flattering, and natural-looking result. Ultimately, the surgeon who possesses the skill sets specific to Asian plastic surgery will need to be highly specialized.

What Type of Procedures Does Dr. Ort Offer?

Dr. Ort is regarded among the most specialized Bellevue Asian Plastic Surgery providers. At her facility, patients can undergo any type of facial enhancement procedure geared towards their facial structure and aesthetic goals. For patients of Asian descent, we offer the following solutions:

Double Eyelid Surgery:

This is a blepharoplasty that is intended to address the hooded eyelid common among Asians. By creating a fold above the upper lash line, the eyes can appear more awake and open. The procedure aims to help patients achieve double eyelids and correct any issues that may be correlated.

Asian Facelift:

Facelifts are very common among adults and are excellent solutions for anyone who wants to address signs of aging or sagging skin. Dr. Ort performs facelifts and neck lifts in Asians, paying special attention to their skin color, texture, and the variances in fat distribution and deeper structures.

Asian Rhinoplasty:

Among Americans and those of Caucasian descent, reduction rhinoplasty with dorsal hump reduction is most popular. However, among patients of Asian descent, rhinoplasty augmentation to elongate and thin out the nose is more common. Others wish to modify the size or shape of their nostrils, also known as alar reduction.

Forehead Augmentation:

Dr. Ort performs forehead augmentations using silicone implants, fat transfer, or a combination of the above to help give a youthful roundedness to the forehead. This procedure provides a gentle, smooth curve to the forehead to naturally enhance the facial profile while reducing irregular grooves that might appear with aging.

Jawline Reduction (V-line):

While an angular jawline adds to masculinity, too much of a jaw angle can make the lower face appear wider, leading to squared facial appearance. Dr. Ort provides jawline reduction surgeries involving modification of the bone, muscle, or a combination of the above to help permanently achieve a slimmer and more feminine jawline. Surgeries are most often performed through the incisions made in the mouth, leaving no visible scars.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial enhancement can help patients address certain areas of their appearance that may distract from their aesthetic goals or cause them to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Plastic surgery can help patients who struggle to make a good first impression feel more confident with the way they look. It can also help to correct imperfections, such as disproportionate features, naturally loose or sagging skin, drooping eyelids, and more.

Things to Consider before an Asian Plastic Surgery Procedure

At Dr. Ort’s office, the procedure for facial cosmetic enhancements, especially for our Asian community, will be planned and customized to help address each patient’s individual needs. Some may opt for a standalone treatment, such as rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery, while others may desire to combine multiple procedures to achieve a more comprehensive and harmonious result.

It is worthwhile to note that modifying one feature of the face may change the overall impression that a person gives. Therefore, having a thorough consultation and examination with the facial plastic surgeon who understands facial balance and limitations is important. Ultimately, the procedure will likely vary based on your desires, goals, and the extent of correction you are hoping to undergo. During your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss the Asian Plastic Surgery procedure in-depth with Dr. Ort.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Asian Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a big commitment that may not be for everyone. Before undergoing any type of cosmetic or aesthetic surgical procedure, it is important to decide why you are getting the procedure done and whether your goals are realistic.

During your private consultation for asian plastic surgery Bellevue plastic surgeon Dr. Ort can help you get an idea of what type of procedures are available, which areas you can enhance, and whether you are eligible to undergo any of these procedures. In general, you must be an adult in good overall health. If you are a smoker or use alcohol regularly, you will be advised to quit before you can qualify for a plastic surgery procedure.

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