Your face is the first thing that people see during an interaction. It’s how we all present ourselves to the world. Good or bad, the appearance of your face affects how you are perceived. It’s the reason why most people put so much effort into looking great. 

Plastic surgery is chosen for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because a person was born with an abnormality they want to fix, such as a birthmark or some other facial feature that’s considered unusual. 

However, the most common reason for facial plastic surgery is an effort to resolve the damage done over the years from the sun and aging. Another common reason for facial plastic surgery is dealing with a physical trauma that may have occurred during a person’s lifetime and needs to be corrected.

Why People Consider Facial Plastic Surgery

There is a long list of conditions that can be treated with facial plastic surgery. It can include surgery on a person’s nose, neck, lips, ears or any other part of the body that’s connected to the facial region. Specialists in facial plastic surgery are able to both diagnose and provide treatment for conditions. 

The goal is to improve the appearance of specific facial features or the overall facial structure. Medical professionals like Dr. Ort are able to provide rhinoplasty, eye lifts, and cheek implants, in addition to an overall facelift.

Some patients choose plastic surgery after-burn incidents, vehicle accidents, and corrections to prior plastic surgery procedures that didn’t quite go as planned or didn’t achieve the desired results. Reconstructive surgery as a result of skin cancer is also a popular procedure. 

Types of Facial Plastic Surgery Treatments 

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the inside and outside of the nose to the desired appearance while keeping the nose functional. A brow lift surgery addresses eyebrows that droop and forehead wrinkles, this is also common facial plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty addresses issues to the upper and lower eyelids. Otoplasty aims to limit the amount that a person’s ears protrude by reshaping the cartilage. 

In order to change the actual structure of a person’s face, the surgeon will need to provide facial implants, which might result in more definition to the lips, cheeks, or chin. It’s possible to have more than one facial implant. 

When a patient wants to get rid of an excessive amount of fat from under their chin, the surgeon will perform liposuction. If the surgeon needs to actually reconstruct the defects that exist in the skin, a facial reconstruction procedure will be done, which can address issues caused by an injury. 

Before and After Facial Plastic Surgery

If you have made the decision to get facial plastic surgery, you will receive instructions on how to prepare in advance. Generally speaking, you should do whatever is required to optimize the results, such as not consuming alcohol and not smoking before the procedure.

Likewise, after the procedure, you will need to take good care of yourself, especially the area where the surgery took place. For instance, you will have surgical staples that will need to be taken care of with caution to prevent them from getting infected. You will also need to take the necessary medication, avoid strenuous activities, and get plenty of rest.

Dr. Yirae Ort specializes in long-lasting and natural results from procedures that are provided in a relaxing environment. She will help to choose the best facial procedures for you to achieve your desired look. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ort today to discuss your options.