Every ethnicity on the planet has unique facial features from one to the next. The structure and shape of your nose are largely determined by your ethnic background.

And while every ethnic group has its own unique facial characteristics and aesthetic appeal, sometimes a person may wish to contour the shape or structure of their nose toward their aesthetic ideals via a customized ethnic rhinoplasty. Asian noses are characterized by flat or weak bridges, wide nostrils, and a rounded or bulging tip. African-Americans on the other hand have noses with wide or low bridges, flared nostrils, and bulbous nasal tip, while Hispanic noses are often broad and wide with a dropping tip, sometimes with a hump in the dorsum of their nose.

A customized ethnic rhinoplasty in Bellevue, WA can help reshape your nose to create a more symmetrical and aesthetic balance in your facial appearance in keeping with your facial congruity and distinct ethnic identity. Regardless of your reason for desiring a rhinoplasty procedure, if you are considering a nose job, you would want an ethnic rhinoplasty that is aesthetically and functionally balanced, while respecting your unique ethnic identity.