Woman holding her hands to her head indicating she has a migraine

Botox for Migraines: How Does it Work?

Botox for Migraines A migraine is a severe headache that is accompanied by nausea and several other troublesome symptoms. The pain associated with the headache can be so intense that it completely ruins your day. This can become a problem for individuals dealing with chronic migraines. While there are medications that can help alleviate some […]

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Woman with diagram drawing around her eye

The Pros and Cons of Preventative Botox

Despite the greater awareness of aging, what causes it, and how to treat it, there’s still no magic solution. There are, however, some great new approaches to professional treatments that can prevent the need for corrective surgeries later on. One of these popular approaches is preventative Botox, and there are some pros and cons of […]

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