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Ethnic Variances in The Nose And What to Consider in Rhinoplasty Yirae Ort, M.D. Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Bellevue WA

Ethnic Variances in The Nose

Every ethnicity on the planet has unique facial features from one to the next. The structure and shape of your nose are largely determined by your ethnic background.

And while every ethnic group has its own unique facial characteristics and aesthetic appeal, sometimes a person may wish to contour the shape or structure of their nose toward their aesthetic ideals via a customized ethnic rhinoplasty. Asian noses are characterized by flat or weak bridges, wide nostrils, and a rounded or bulging tip. African-Americans on the other hand have noses with wide or low bridges, flared nostrils, and bulbous nasal tip, while Hispanic noses are often broad and wide with a dropping tip, sometimes with a hump in the dorsum of their nose.

A customized ethnic rhinoplasty in Bellevue, WA can help reshape your nose to create a more symmetrical and aesthetic balance in your facial appearance in keeping with your facial congruity and distinct ethnic identity. Regardless of your reason for desiring a rhinoplasty procedure, if you are considering a nose job, you would want an ethnic rhinoplasty that is aesthetically and functionally balanced, while respecting your unique ethnic identity.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Posted on June 17, 2020, by Dr. Yirae Ort

An Asian nose job is performed to make changes or alter the appearance of the nose in people of Asian descent. However, an ethnic rhinoplasty extends beyond just surgical technique – it demands a certain level of artistry that can help create facial harmony without taking away from your ethnic identity.

Why is this important? It is important because every ethnic group has its own unique standard of facial aesthetics. So for example, most Asians tend to have a flatter nasal bridge with less well-defined nasal tip. They also might have a shorter nose with underdeveloped columella (the middle part of your nose between the nostrils) and wish to lengthen the nose for a more harmonious columellar show. A surgeon who understands these anatomic and ethnic variances are likely to be able to understand your goals better, which is the first and the most important step in planning your surgery. The same goes for African-American nose jobs or Hispanic nose jobs. You want a nose job that aligns with your ethnic background. 

A well-performed ethnic rhinoplasty can achieve your personal aesthetic goals by giving you a nose that adds to the harmony and balance of your overall facial appearance while also preserving your ethnic identity. It can change or alter the size and shape of your nose, give you more proportionate nostrils, alter your nose bridge by either augmenting or reducing it, reshape your nasal tip, and give you a more symmetrical nose while retaining the unique characteristics of your ethnicity.

A Seattle rhinoplasty can correct a number of aesthetic problems that are common among people of Asian descent.

  • Flat and/or short nose-bridge.
  • Wide nostrils. 
  • Bulbous or hanging nose tip.
  • A hump on nose-bridge.
  • Overlarge nose structure.
  • Asymmetrical nose shape.
  • Wide nose structure.

Nose Job Cost

The cost of any plastic surgery procedure is based on a number of factors including individual goals and expectations, the experience of the surgeon, as well as the difficulty and degree of alterations and changes required. Rhinoplasty is no different. Your nose-job cost will depend on factors such as the scale and scope of your surgery, the experience of your plastic surgeon, the location, and of course your end goals and expectations.

Is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty safe?

As with all surgical procedures, potential risks cannot be ruled out completely. A lot depends on your general overall health, your age, and the skills and expertise of your surgeon. Modern-day plastic surgery procedures utilize advanced and safer techniques, which holds true for rhinoplasty as more techniques are being refined each day.

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